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Years ago there was only one way to communicate with customers and clients. They were to make an appointment with you, and come in to speak face to face. As time moved forward and technology advanced, the face of customer communication has changed, and largely for the better. The burden of facilitating communication used to be on the customer, but in today’s age of global business and internet reviews, it is now up to the companies to find a way to start a dialogue with their clients.

In a world where consumers can choose nearly any company in the world to handle their needs, the best way to stand out is to create a sense of trust between you and the people you serve. Imagine two companies who provide the same service, but one refuses to put effort into addressing customer concerns, while the other has a regular dialogue with their customers and incorporate their concerns into new policies. The majority of people will choose the company that addresses their needs rather than brush them off.

So how then do we begin to communicate effectively? The technology available in this age is staggering, and can be your best facilitator in this regard. The telephone is a great way to start, by creating a line that is exclusively for help, and making it easy to navigate to the best person for help, you are already placing yourself above those companies who avoid giving out phone numbers or who have maddeningly cyclical answering services.

Email can also be a very good tool for a company wanting to begin a dialogue with customers. unlike a majority of phone support, there is little, if any, time restrictions on email communication. While you may have to pay extra for 24 hour phone support, an email support system is something that could be managed 24 hours by anyone. In a similar vein adding a live chat or instant messaging function could be a great way to help troubleshoot smaller problems more quickly, allowing a support personnel to work on multiple problems at once, saving time.

Social media is another fantastic resource for companies looking to have constant communications with customers. Using social media you could update customers on the direction of the company, upcoming changes or new products, all without forcing anyone to feel left out of the loop. These possibilities are just the tip of the iceberg of customer communications, but by making sure you have an open dialogue with customers, you’re sure to come out on top.

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