CEO Confessions: Why We Chose Azure Secure Cloud

New technologies can epitomize the concept of the double-edged sword as they are adopted and spread across a variety of industries. From hardware to software and all points in between, technology's version of natural selection ultimately separates the weak from the strong. Yet for consumers at both the corporate and individual levels, choosing the best provider for those new technologies can be intimidating, confusing and more than a little aggravating.

This notion is perfectly embodied by the seemingly countless cloud providers currently on the market. As the industry stands, providers come in all shapes and sizes, most claiming to be the epitome of cutting-edge technology, security and efficiency. And while technological natural selection is already beginning to isolate definite industry leaders, it is still a confounding marketplace.

Given the nature of our product and expertise, Xinn has set aside and spent countless hours of due diligence locating the very best combination of performance, security and scalability. In short, we use Microsoft's Azure platform as our cloud provider simply because Azure is the best choice for meeting a high level of demands from us, our partners and heavily regulated industries such as financial services. When security is at an absolute premium, Azure provides Xinn and our partners with exceptional security and stability in an unstable climate.

Microsoft's Azure: Uniquely Qualified for Unique Demands

Although Microsoft wasn't first to the market with its Azure cloud platform, the technology is quickly gaining market share due to its superior security protocols and highly integrative nature. In fact, based on its security measures alone, Azure remains the first and only cloud-based service to be granted level 5 clearance by the Department of Defense for purposes of national security. Likewise, in a recent survey of nationwide IT managers, Azure has become the favorite cloud service for enterprise solutions where emphasis on security is valued most among all measurables. Obviously, Xinn is in good company thanks to the outstanding Azure service.

Identity Management

Suffice it to say, platforms spread across multiple sites with multiple users can pose security risks if the proper security measures are not put into place. In layman's terms, it's akin to many employees each having a set of keys to the office doors. Access is an important part of conducting business but, at the same time, it can endanger security for the entire office if one of those keys were to fall into the wrong hands.

With Azure, any such security risk is effectively removed due to an innovative identity management system. Basically, Microsoft's security protocols allow users to access the cloud-based data while still under the control of application providers. Those control mechanisms can vary according to the particular demands of the provider, ranging from single-user access across Microsoft's many services to multi-factor authentication that requires a second layer of identification to access data and applications.

A variety of Microsoft-installed security measures can be found beneath these authentication standards, including machine learning risk management that is constantly on the lookout for anomalies that may indicate intrusion. Simply put, Azure offers security measures that are becoming industry standards and are the basis for their use in national security efforts.

Threat Management

Similar to its identity management protocols, Microsoft has placed multiple levels of threat identification and management throughout the Azure platform. Actively monitoring for all possible threats, from malware to denial of services attacks, Microsoft's proprietary anti-malware components work in conjunction with artificial intelligence-based, advanced search technology. The fusion of the two create an extremely formidable defense against threats of all sorts, including those that are new to the digital landscape.


Encryption technology serves as the final and most effective pillar of the security measures integrated into Azure. This technology surpasses industry standards to ensure data is kept private and safely guarded. Furthermore, the encryption within Azure protects data sitting idle in cloud storage as well as that being communicated between different platforms, users and locations. In other words, whether at rest or in motion, data channeled through Azure is subjected to the most advanced and rigorous encryption protocols in the cloud-based services industry.

Azure in Action

At Xinn, we had the entire marketplace to choose from when determining which cloud provider to use. After an exhaustive amount of due diligence, Microsoft's Azure was clearly the best choice for our particular demands. Our own services are predicated upon the highest possible security measures if we are to provide our partners with the assurance needed to trust our solutions. With its powerful combination of security, efficiency and adaptability, Azure was an exceptionally good fit for what we do at Xinn.

We understand the often overwhelming demands placed upon our partners in heavily regulated industries. Given the turbulence seen throughout the industry over the last decade, establishing and maintaining trust is an absolute necessity. For those very same reasons, Xinn chose Microsoft's Azure as its cloud provider. While Azure certainly isn't the only cloud service available, its exceedingly high security standards make it worthy of our trust and, therefore, worthy of our own partners' trust in Xinn.


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