Design / Automate / Create


With Xinn’s self-service interface, simple content management, and access to nearly limitless data sources, you and your team can jump right in to creating personalized collateral for your customers and prospects.




Limitless Collateral Solutions

Xinn can help you automate nearly any type of collateral such as Presentations, Pitch Books, Fact Sheets, Client Reports, Plan Reviews, Investment Reviews, Fund Mapping, Investor Accounting & Communications, and more.

Uncomplicated, Familiar Design Tools

Manage your presentations and collateral using software you and your team already use – Microsoft Powerpoint, Word, and Excel. Create dynamic charts, tables, and graphs with simple drag-and-drop tools.

Effortless Content Management

Store your content in one easy-to-access location using Microsoft Sharepoint, the world’s pre-eminent Content Management software.



Powerful Data Integration

Integrate to nearly limitless data sources without the need for IT help. Xinn can connect to sources like spreadsheets, SQL, Web Services, Morningstar, FactSet, and Salesforce & other CRMs.

Real-time Automation

Automate charts, tables, graphs, text, and images with simple drag-and-drop technology. Xinn reaches into your data sources and renders relevant and accurate information onto presentations and collateral, on the fly.



Intuitive Self-Service Interface

No training needed. Sales, Marketing, and Client Service use a simple wizard-based interface to capture relevant information, enabling content that’s perfectly-tailored to your customer’s wants and needs.

Mobile/Responsive Technology

Xinn is the only Sales Enablement product that’s designed with the mobile experience first-in-mind, enabled for use on any device. Create personalized presentations and collateral from anywhere, any time.

Pulse Check


Pulse Check allows you to incorporate the voice of your customer in every presentation, enabling you to speak to exactly what your customers and prospects say they want to hear.



Pulse Check


At the beginning of the engagement process, your salesperson creates an agenda in Xinn, which is then sent to the end customer for quick feedback, enabling the customer to engage and interact with it.


The recipient can now respond on any device to inform your salesperson what they would like to hear. Is anything on the agenda unnecessary or missing? Pulse Check lets you know in moments.


The customer or prospect’s inputs drive a presentation that’s perfectly targeted to what they want to hear. No more educated guessing. Pulse Check empowers your sales and client service staff to walk into every meeting confident that they’re addressing exactly what their audience says they need.

Share / Present / Interact


Once your presentation is ready, Xinn allows you to digitally engage with potential customers in a way never seen before. Securely share your presentation with your audience. Integrate your presentation seamlessly into a multi-media playlist. Interact with your customers to get immediate input that can help you win more business.




Simple, Secure Sharing

Share your collateral with your customer or prospect, your team, or any other member of your audience in seconds. A share link is provided for your collateral, permitting a consistent, secure experience.

Always Available

The share link can be used before, during, and after presentations, ensuring that your content is accessible to customers and prospects whenever they would like to see it.



A Single Point of Access for Your Content

Bring your presentation to life effortlessly. Xinn’s multimedia Playlist enables you not only to present your automated collateral, but is a single place to present web links, video, PDFs, Microsoft Office files, and more.

Complementary to Your Current Sales Tools

The Playlist can be used live in a face-to-face setting, or via a web sharing tool of your choice. Use WebEx, GoToMeeting, and more to enable rich, multi-media presentations.



Real-time Audience Feedback

The Interact feature empowers your customers to provide feedback on your presentations and collateral. Interactions are captured in real-time, before, during, and after a presentation.

True Insights

Viewers interact with your presentation by Asking a Question, Requesting a Follow-up, responding to Polls, Liking or Disliking content, and more. These interactions drive valuable insights about your customers and prospects.



True insights are data-driven. Xinn understands how your audience truly feels about your content, what motivates your customers and prospects, and utilizes real data to understand the voice of your customer, helping you earn your next win.




Powerful Data Collection

All interactions with your content, customers, and prospects are captured and translated into usable insights.

Relevant, Targeted Learning

Xinn delivers insights, not just metrics. Enable your Marketing staff to know which content is most effective. Empower Sales and Client Service teams to learn what motivates customers and prospects.

Enable Clear Next Steps

Insights can be tailored to create CRM activities, ensuring that Sales, Client Service, and Marketing never miss an opportunity.