Your Challenges


Your end-of-quarter is a busy time requiring updates to countless presentations, reports, and marketing collateral. Your content and data lives in many different systems, is managed by multiple groups, and each data source has its own update schedule. 


After spending countless hours validating new data load and updating both static and dynamic content, you then need to obtain formal approval from multiple stakeholders. 


Finally, once you have the green light to use the latest and greatest, you struggle with content delivery, distribution, and understanding what content is effective.

These days, your team could be just about anywhere using a wide range of devices and operating systems.




Client Presentations

Business Reviews

Plan Reviews

Client Reporting

Investment Reviews

Portfolio Reviews


Sales Presentations

Pitch Books

Play Books




Marketing Collateral

Fact Sheets

Marketing Portals

Product Guides

Rate Sheets



Xinn draws on over 15 years of experience creating automated presentation experience using a complex, powerful set of engineering frameworks fully integrated into your IT architecture.


Solution Components

Content Management System (CMS)

Manage and organize your source and final (published) content files into libraries. For enterprise clients we leverage the market leading CMS, SharePoint Online. Manage slides, footnotes, images, paragraphs, pages, commentary, biographies and more. Source content files can be static or dynamic. When dynamic the most current data is automatically collected and used each time a final content file (e.g. approved Pitch Book) is requested to ensure accuracy and compliance.

Data Sources

The data for your dynamic source content files can live virtually anywhere. The Xinn Platform supports a broad array of data sources and connection type such as REST based Web Services, SQL databases, SharePoint lists, and

Xinn Content Applications

A Xinn Application is a set of content files and configurations that work together to produce a centrally managed standardized final output file with granular control over end user personalization options. Applications can be created to target specific market segments, audiences, or customers using outlines. Here are a few Xinn Application building blocks:


Secure connections to any data source are configured in the Xinn Platform where centrally managed authentication credentials are stored in an enterprise grade Key Vault. Data Queries can be created to pull down and format just the data that is required for the requested final output file.

Content Libraries

You can specify the specific CMS libraries that have the source content files for any given Xinn App. Published files can also be stored in separate repositories to better control distribution or support team collaboration workspaces.


Tokens are placeholders for text, dates, numbers, images and more. Tokens can include simple static values like customer or presenter name that can be selected when requesting a final output file. Tokens can also be data-driven when connected to a variety of data sources.


An outline represents a specified collection of content that can be selected to create the final output file. An application may have more than one outline, representing different variations of the final output. Outlines enable central management of source content so that changes are automatically updated in all output file variations.

Request Wizard

The user friendly Request Wizard is used to create new final output files. Users can configure the desired outline, personalized options, and even select, deselect, or add new ad hoc content if authorized by the Xinn Application configuration settings.


You can use workflows to get source or final content files approved or to trigger internal collaboration by requesting comments.