Xinn Video - Automate Your Client Presentations

Turn Your Client Reporting into Client Storytelling

Automate your presentations to allow more engaging client presentations. 



Manually preparing complex client reports, fact sheets and pitchbooks is costly and frustrating – wasting up to 64% of time* preparing complex data and content. In fact, sometimes it feels you run out of time for the important things! But with your customer expectations sky high, creating a bad customer experience is not an option. The modern answer: automate your presentations and turn your client reporting into client storytelling.

With the Xinn platform, you create standard collateral for every type of client engagement – client reports, plan reviews, fact sheets, pitchbooks and portfolio reviews, to name a few. The Xinn system automatically inserts complex data, text, logos, charts, tables, graphs, footnotes, and more at the click of a button.


And then use the Xinn Playlist to create a collection of interactive content to turn your dry data into engaging stories and insights. Let Xinn do the low level work, so you can concentrate on solving the more complex problems for your customers and telling the story you want to tell. Join our growing list of clients, including 8 of the top 20 money managers in the world and request a demo today!

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